To provide you with a level of legacy quality in your home, Teton Heritage Builders maintains rigorous quality control through the whole construction process.

Rocky Mountain Luxury:

  • Superior Quality Materials

  • Full-time Superintendents

  • Detailed Inspections

  • Years Experience

Starting with careful pre-construction planning through construction inspections and quality meetings, and finally post-construction testing and warranty follow-up.  Teton Heritage Builders’ employees are intimately involved in all aspects of the construction process.  

Some features of our Quality Control program are:

  • Thorough research and planning prior to construction ensures only the highest quality materials & products best suited to the local climate are used

  • Full time, on-site involvement by an experienced superintendent

  • Meticulous monitoring of all installations during construction

  • Thorough inspections of all systems upon completion of installation and prior to being covered up by subsequent work

  • Quality awareness meetings held with all employees and subcontractors

  • Rigorous testing to guarantee proper system operation prior to move in

  • A comprehensive safety program to ensure jobsite safety and full OSHA compliance

Avon, CO, USA

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